PCS has just completed a significant support role with a major oil company’s multi-site, worldwide SAP Implementation.  We were directly involved with the assessment of existing Business Practices and the development of the “To-Be” best in class practices within the SAP Framework.  This project included conversions from a multitude of legacy systems, interfaces and data repositories to a centralized instance of SAP with multiple Business Orgs.  Our team worked in conjunction with top level directors as well as local Project Team members for a successful implementation of more than 6 sites.  Currently we helping another major Oil company perform a similar project on a fast track schedule.  Our experience is not limited to oil refining since we have customized and optimized CMMS systems for Kimberly Clark as well as other non refining companies.

PCS has been a significant provider of quality mechanical and technical expertise since 1988.  Our industries are primarily in the Petrochemical industry, but our clients have also included Kimberly Clark (Paper), San Antonio Utilities, and Coastal Power.  Our business philosophy is to do the right things, smartly.  We are a results oriented real world designer of our own systems as well as an implementer of software tools to constantly improve on productivity and asset utilization.